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Mrutu Agro-Solutions Company Limited is a Multi-Agribusiness Company which deals with Agriculture, Livestock, Aquaculture & fisheries, Entrepreneurship and Agribusiness issues.
The company is made up by professional staffs and dedicated individuals with a passion for making an impact in the agriculture sector through management of viable agriculture projects and products value additional using the full-time employees and hired experts on agreement basis. We are very committed and organized in four departments such as
(1) Crop & Forestry Department (2) Livestock Department (3) Aquaculture & Fisheries department and (4) Marketing & Finance Department; that professionalism context is vital in providing classic agribusiness solutions that we deliver, add value through creativity and innovations, we create, initiate, manage and implement different viable agribusiness project and programs in the entire value chain of the agriculture sector depending on the available opportunities and the need. Therefore, our products and services are categorized according to the following departments:-


  • On category of Aquaculture & fisheries, we are providing the following services:.

    • a) Site Visiting and consultation services It's about visiting different areas where by stakeholders want to practice Aquaculture projects by giving them an advice, and proper way on how they can start fish farming.
    • b) Writing business plan and or quotation
    • After visiting the farmers, when he/she looks for cost analysis of fish farming, as company we write such issue (B.P and C.B.A) which show the cost analysis and planning of the project
    • c) Construction/repairing of various system for keeping fish (Fish ponds, tanks, cage and RAS system). We are well experienced on construction of fish ponds, tanks, and cages which can be used to keep fish.
    • d) Fingerlings production and selling When farmers look for fingerlings, we produce and sell it to them and we are giving a proper way of transportation and stocking it to their Aquaculture systems.
    • e) Solving different challenges facing fish farmers When farmers face a challenges during the progress of the project we ensure the best solutions is attained.
    • f) Helping fish farmers to access good market up on harvesting time After farmers have a fish leady to be sold out, also we help them by finding best buyers who will buy the products at good price for benefit of farmers.
    • g) Also, we have fish farming books, which is one of the ways of introduction Aquaculture to the people. The book is full of explanation and proper instructions on how to keep fish professionally.
    Currently, the department staff members are:
    Mr.Venance Makemba-Aquatic and fisheries expert
    Mr. Tito Nicholaus Mahondo - Aquatic and fisheries expert
    Mr. Robert Jonathan- Aquatic and fisheries expert


    Department of Crop Science is concerned with the selection, improvement and production of crops useful to man. It addresses the planting, maintenance, protection; harvesting, storage and aspects of post-harvest handling of produce and value addition. This department comprises the following sections which includes Agricultural engineering, Horticulture, Food Science and Agronomy

    • a) Agricultural engineering
      • I. Designing of farm structures
      • II. Installation of irrigation systems
      • III. Construction of greenhouses & Solar dryers
      • IV. Construction of ponds
      • V. Soil testing and analysis
      • VI. Agro Material; tools and equipment services
    • b) Horticulture
      • I. Vegetables productions
      • II. Fruit productions including field layout, orchard and garden management
      • III. Spices productions
      • IV. Nursery productions, including vegetative propagation such as budding and grafting. We are producing and supplying different seedlings including fruit seedlings, vegetable seedlings and timber tree seedlings and ornamental seedlings
      • V. Flower productions
      • VI. Landscaping and gardening
    • c) Food Science
      • I. Food scientists improve food quality and packaging and originate new food products. This may include ensuring products comply with safety standards as well as developing improved food processing, storage, and transportation methods.
      • II. Making more nutritive food items from agricultural commodities
      • III. To reduce losses between harvest and consumption to protect food safety.
      • IV. Meeting food requirements of a growing population by eliminating losses.
    Currently, the department staff members are:
    Eng. Joseph salahange
    Engineer Said Karimu Mohamed
    Mis. Norah J Mwacha


    Livestock department is the company’s section for upholding livestock sector, in domesticated animals. As a matter of fact, veterinary doctors, livestock officers and range managers are professional employee under this sector. Therefore department has three (3) sub-units which are:-

    • a) Range management Unit-A unit of pasture management, hay &silage making, animal feeds and livestock machines/farm equipment.
    • b) Animal science Unit-Stands for general farm managements (SOPs), farming consultancy, animal feeding and value additions of livestock raw products.
    • c) Veterinary Unit- Responsible in animal treatments, vaccinations, herd-health consultancy, reproduction and bio-securities.
    Currently, the department staff members are:
    Dr, Juma Yusuph-Veterinary doctor/Head of livestock department,
    Officer, Happiness Calory - Livestock field officer
    Officer, Philipo James-Range management officer


    Marketing and Finance department is concerned with Farm management services, Farmers trainings, Agribusiness &Entrepreneurship training, Farm visiting, Supplying of Agro-materials, Marketing of agricultural and value added products for local and export market, Whole Sale &Retail trading, Contract Farming, value addition and other agricultural related marketing and financial support services depending on customers’ needs. This department is working very closely with other departments for marketing, packaging, distribution, promotion and branding of the products and services thereof. Marketing and Finance Department is having three sections, namely:- a) Finance Section Under this section, we are endeavoring to find financial solutions to help farmers, livestock keepers and other stakeholders in the entre value chain to achieve their goals (Agribusiness &Agro-Investing) smoothly by developing agribusiness plans and proposals, linking them to financial institutions like Banks and saving and Credit Cooperatives (SACCOs) and other financiers. I. Up to now, we are in the process of registering Kilimo na Ujasiriamali SACCOSs which will be used by our stakeholders for saving and credit (loan) facilities to enable farmers, livestock keepers, entrepreneurs, business people and employees to get their financial solutions for investment and for other needs. II. We do Agribusiness Development and Consultancy, Agribusiness Planning & Proposals write ups, Linking farmers, livestock keepers and other agro stakeholders with financial institutions like CRDB, TADB, NMB and other financiers. b) Marketing Section We execute on contract farming, we link farmers with buyers (market linkage), but also we do marketing and promotion of our products and services. c) Entrepreneurship Section We do capacity building training on entrepreneurship to different categories of people like training employees who are going to retire, training and capacitating youth, women and other marginalized people so that they can use the available opportunities and their talents or professionals to get their personal income (self-employment) as a solution to unemployment problem, networking and collaborating with different stakeholders in establishing and implementing various program and projects which will contribute to national development agenda and sustainable development goals of the United Nations like to end poverty, zero hunger ect. Under this section we do coaching, mentorship and empowerment of new and or startup NGOs, Companies, CBOs, Cooperatives and beyond through our entrepreneurial spirit by providing consultations and business professional support services in the particular registration processes and beyond. Currently, the department staff members are:

    Mr. Mathias Tesha-Agricultural Economist & Agribusiness Expert Mr.Kadio Mkwizu –Accountant
    Mr. Philipo Mrutu - Agricultural Economist & Agribusiness Expert
    Other Supporting Staff members Mr. Innocent Mkenda- IT
    Witness Massawe – Community Development / Secretary
    Mis.Lucy Nicholaus Kyamle – Secretary/ IT


    We have defferent books that support you and give a huge knowladge in agriculture, agri- busness, animal keeping and Entreprenuership



    • Utajifunza mbinu bora za kilimo
    • soft copy na hard copy zipo


    • Soma na ufuge Samaki kwa njia rahisi
    • Mwandishi Venance John Makambe
    • soft copy na hard copy zipo
    Shamba la Kuku


    • Pata kitabu chenye Mbinu bora za ufugaji
    • Dkt. Yusuph Juma Shomari
    • soft copy na hard copy zipo


    • Kilimo Biashara na Ujasiriamali weka maelezo haya:- Kitabu hiki kimebeba maarifa, ujumbe, ushauri na elimu juu ya masuala ya kilimo, ufugaji, biashara, ujasiriamali, uwekezaji na mambo mbalimbali ya kiuchumi namna ya kuwafanikisha watu au na jamii kwa ujumla. Watu wanashauriwa kuachana na kilimo cha mazoea, wasilime au kufuga kwa desturi bali wafwate utaalamu na kanuni husika ili wapate faida zaidi na kuongeza tija hii ni pamoja na kuongeza thamani kwa kile wanacho zalisha kama bidhaa au huduma.
    • Mwandishi Philipo F. Mrutu
    • soft copy na hard copy zipo

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